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Providing translation to numerous customers, from large global companies to small and medium enterprises.


Freelance translators & proofreaders.
Our teamwork ensures a higher quality of all translations at a much greater speed!

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As native Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian linguists, we offer translation and language services from English to Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian. If you need a translation of a whole business project or only a few pages of text, you can rely on our translating skills.
What is so special in our way of translating?
It is not just a common job for us, but a project to which we value attention. Our experience and modern dictionaries help us to meet every challenge. Teamwork gives us necessary enthusiasm and shortens the time of translating. All of that guarantees the quality and reliability of our translations.

Quality-focused and customized service

Excellent price-to-quality ratio

Friendly approach

Reliability and accuracy


We are aware that the translated text mirrors yourself and your firm’s reputation.  That is the reason why the quality of proofreading is our main goal and obligation towards you.

We take pride in  our specialized proofreading technique that minimizes mistakes. Each translated text undergoes double close scrutiny. Another one will detect mistakes missed by one person, for sure. That is a proven method of success.

As the last step, we review the consistency of language, grammar and layout to help you attain your objectives. In that way your text will look professional and your reputation will remain impeccable.


People think the best in their native language.
Respecting this, many firms recognized the opportunity
and translated their web pages into other languages.
What was the result?
Research has shown time and time again that web users
are up to four times more likely to make purchases when addressed in their native language (IDC).
What is your goal?
Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro are fast growing markets, which have tremendous potential.
Take the opportunity and translate your web pages to conquer new markets.
We can provide you with customized solutions to take you down the path of business success.


Every customer is unique. Every project is unique. That’s why every price offer will be unique.
We handle different translation projects every day, and for this reason our rates vary depending on the type of text and document and the deadline.
Please send a copy of the text as an attached file to and we will provide you with a price quote within 12 hours.

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